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Seamless travel and expense
Book all your business travel in NexTravel. We will automatically send your receipts to expensify for the credit card on file.
NexTravel Seamless Travel And Expense
Easy to setup company
Invite your employees, set up travel policies, and start booking travel within hours (not 3-6 months like the competition). The fastest company onboarding tool out there.
NexTravel Easy Setup
Keep employees happy
NexTravel is the travel solution your employees love to use. We have the highest online booking adoption with 98% of employees using the tool.
NexTravel Traveler
Pain-free reconciliation
Travel receipts automatically match with credit card transactions on your corporate card. We also synchronize departments and other custom fields between NexTravel and expensify.
NexTravel Eliminate Mistakes
Never lose a receipt
With our automated travel and expense integration, your expenses get automatically sent to your expense system. You'll never need to hunt your employees down for expenses again.
NexTravel Expense
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