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Nextravel Easy Setup
Easy Setup
Invite your employees, set up travel policies, and start booking travel within hours (not 3-6 months like the competition). The fastest company onboarding tool out there.
Nextravel CentralizedNextravel Centralized
Centralized Travel
Book and manage all your company travel in one spot. All travel, reporting, and trips for your entire company are all securely stored in a single location. No more losing track of your employee’s trips and your company spend.
Nextravel ReconciliationNextravel Reconciliation
Quick Reconciliation
NexTravel offers many expense solutions and other integrations to make managing your company’s travel and as seamless as possible.

Set up your entire company in a matter of hours — not months.

Nextravel Corporate DiscountsNextravel Corporate Discounts
Corporate Discounts
Access deep discounts with flights, hotels, and car rentals. You’ll have access to our negotiated rates which are not available on other online booking tools.
Nextravel LoyaltyNextravel Loyalty
Business Travel Rewards
Get rewarded when your employees travel. Airlines have business loyalty programs which allow both you and your employees to get travel rewards for traveling.
Nextravel TravelerNextravel Traveler
Track Employee Safety
Keep track of where your employees are. You'll stay informed about whether your employees are stuck in a snowstorm, traveling to unsafe regions, and more.

Travel & Expense is the second-largest controllable cost for most companies — second only to payroll.

Nextravel NetworkNextravel Network
Flexible Organizational Hierarchy
Have multiple departments? Multiple offices? An unusual company structure? We’ve got you covered! We provide fully customizable company hierarchies, reporting fields, and more to support your company.
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