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Flexible built-in policies
Easily setup pre-approved travel policies for every type of traveler, manager and booker, and make changes anytime you need to. Our fully integrated booking/policy tool offers the best functionality on the market.
NexTravel Customized
Fast approvals
Save time and avoid delays with automatically accepted in-policy bookings and streamlined approvals for everything else.
NexTravel Insurance
Advanced roles
Manage what each employee can access within NexTravel with advanced controls.
NexTravel Secure

Nearly 80% of companies say stricter travel policies have had a positive impact on their travel.

Group travel
Set up a policy for events, meetings, retreats and conferences and send a one-time link to organize travel for hundreds of people at a time.
NexTravel Groups
Track employee safety
Keep track of where your employees are. You'll stay informed about whether your employees are stuck in a snowstorm, traveling to unsafe regions, and more.
NexTravel Track Employee Safety
Compliance made simple
Take the human error out of policy compliance with custom controls built right into the booking platform.
NexTravel Network
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