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Centralized travel
Business tools are useless if no one uses them. NexTravel provides a personalized experience that employees want to take advantage of, every single time. Your entire company’s travel, reporting, and trips are securely stored in one place, seamlessly.
NexTravel Network
Smarter inventory
Our ai-powered recommendation engine sorts inventory from thousands of sources and tailors search results to each traveler’s preferences.
NexTravel Smarter Search
Preferred rates
Add your own preferred rates and take advantage of NexTravel’s negotiated discounts with dozens of providers so your team can book with confidence, without feeling locked into limited options. Forget spending hours comparing prices or waiting around on the phone; book everything online, instantly.
NexTravel Corporate Discounts

Streamlined experience to help save up to 70% of your time when booking travel.

One-time setup
Enter billing details, loyalty numbers, preferences and personal information for each traveler one time and avoid wasting time filling out forms again and again. Employee information can automatically sync with expense and hr software to make onboarding even faster.
NexTravel Booking
Automated seat improvement
NexTravel automatically monitors flights and improves your seats based on your preferences and availability.
NexTravel Loyalty
24/7 customer support
Get access to our professional travel support team any time you need it. No more waiting on hold for hours to make travel changes.
NexTravel Customer Support
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