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Streamlined booking
Eliminate time-consuming email chains and invite candidates to book travel with a seamless user experience that lets them book confidently and travel comfortably.
NexTravel Smarter Search
Eliminate mistakes
Quickly set up policies to maintain full control over travel dates, prices, destinations, and more. Policies are automatically built into the booking process so candidates can book any option they see, worry-free.
NexTravel Eliminate Mistakes
Centralize payments
Avoid chasing down receipts, dealing with reimbursements and asking candidates to front payment for travel. With NexTravel, flights, hotels and rental cars can be paid for all on the company card.
NexTravel Payment

The only tool to help recruiters easily invite job candidates and manage their travel.

Fully compliant
Travelers’ personal information is stored securely so you stay completely compliant.
NexTravel Secure
Stay informed
Track travel status, candidate spending, and more. NexTravel can automatically send updates about flight delays and other changes so you’re always in the loop.
NexTravel Flight Status
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