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Booking for others
Booking travel for others can be a complete nightmare. We make it effortless to book and manage travel for someone else.
NexTravel Smarter Search
Personalized search
We tailor search results to each individual traveler based on travel preferences, loyalties, and more, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track manually.
NexTravel Target
Avoid mistakes
Our centralized platform makes it easier to book and manage travel for others, with trips, personal information, loyalty and payments all in one place.
NexTravel Eliminate Mistakes

The simplest tool to help assistants book and manage travel for others.

24/7 support
Get help when you need it. We’ll help you deal with travel issues so you never have to wait for hours on the phone with a merchant. We offer flexible cancellations to make it easier to change plans when you need to.
NexTravel Eliminate Mistakes
Secure profiles
All personal data and billing information is securely stored in NexTravel so you don’t need to worry about the risks of sending personal data back and forth via email.
NexTravel Secure
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