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Streamlined booking
Find the best itineraries, get travel approved, and book in a fraction of the time. Employees spend 70% less time on average when booking travel with NexTravel.
NexTravel Smarter Search
One-click cancellations
Cancel recently booked travel with the click of a button. Never wait on hold with an airline trying to cancel over the phone again.
NexTravel One-Click Cancellations
Customized search
NexTravel’s exclusive recommendation system, smartsearch uses sophisticated algorithms to give you search results tailored to your preferences. The more you travel, the smarter it gets.
NexTravel Smarter Search
Get upgrades and perks
Access perks like better rooms, seat upgrades, and easier cancellation policies with select merchants.
NexTravel Loyalty
Profile management
All your personal information, travel preferences and loyalty numbers are safely and securely stored within NexTravel so you can skip manually entering your details each time you book.
NexTravel Booking
Skip the expense reports
Travel bookings can automatically sync with your company’s expense tool, so you don’t have to upload receipts and deal with tedious expense reports.
NexTravel Expense
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