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Daniel Wallace, Staff Accountant

Before NexTravel
Before NexTravel, Avidxchange’s employee’s had the option to book travel anyway they saw fit. Our employees would have hard times covering the expense of travel especially with trips that needed to be booked same day. They also found that employees were not taking into consideration the cost of travel or the fees associated with cancellation of trips and had trouble keeping up with the proper documentation to support their business travel.

Why NexTravel?
The reason we chose NexTravel is that the prices for flights and hotels overall were considerably lower than other travel sites. Having everything centralized on one credit card for our employees made it easy and accessible for them to book all travel and not have to worry about fronting the bill. Their integration with Expensify also helped make the decision easier which allowed managing travel and expense seamless.

The NexTravel Difference
Some differences between NexTravel and other solutions was the overall price. With being able to load our negotiated hotel rates directly on NexTravel, it allowed us to keep those preferred relationships in place. This overall helped make the booking process easier for our employees.
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