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Katie Birch, Employee Experience Coordinator

Before NexTravel
Prior to NexTravel, I was booking travel for the entire company.Me, one human, acting as a travel agent for 100+ people (in addition to my other job functions).As we scaled, it became impossible to keep up with the travel requests and bookings, so we had to explore other options.We demo'd a few different companies prior to NexTravel being recommended to us by our Expensify rep.

Why NexTravel?
Primarily, we chose NexTravel because of the interface. It is very clean, easy to use and navigate through, which was (and is) very important when introducing to a group of employees who aren't used to booking their own trips. The integration with Expensify was another huge seller....keyword: simple! Anything that made our lives and the lives of our busy employees simpler, was exactly what we were looking for.

The NexTravel Difference
Again, the major difference was (and still is) the ease of use. Other interfaces we demo'd were very confusing and didn't fit well with our overall brand and culture. I was (and still am) very impressed with how user-friendly the NexTravel site is. Additionally, everything is customizable! We wanted fields added, layouts changed, etc., and it was done! (and done fast!)
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