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Christian Van Der Henst, Founder

Before NexTravel
Platzi is a company of 45 employees from 12 different nationalities and three main offices in San Francisco, Bogota and Mexico City. Our students are all over the world, so traveling is part of our DNA. Booking accommodation and flights is always messy. We had to use a lot of travel websites, aggregators for searching and many spreadsheets to handle refunds.

Why NexTravel?
We discovered NexTravel and things became much easier. We have a centralized place to handle all of our travel reservations, enough customization to allow different management options, and we're helping our team learn about better flight schedules and how to save money while booking travel. Also being able to integrate our airline business loyalty accounts with to get extra miles for the company is a huge plus.

The NexTravel Difference
We enjoy the new features and how NexTravel not only is helping us handle our reservations, but organizing our travel arrangements. With NexTravel, it's easier to book, handle and report your trips. Meanwhile the company has better control of payment methods and business mile accrual.
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